Sunday, 23 May 2010

Phoebe Smith

Martha Cotes

Lauren Ashmore

The structured arrangements of rocks and crystals have been the source of inspiration for my work. Their forms encompass the geometrical, clean-lined properties that my practice encapsulates. Contextually I envisage interiors as the environment for this collection and strive to make versatility and adaptability the key focus of my designs. My selected materials and measured, minimal designs embrace contemporary living and have flexible applications in domestic or commercial spaces. Texturally, the flock vinyl and staggered layered shapes create an enquiring tactile quality that heightens the sense of touch, while also creating an inspiring visual stimulus.

Lauren Steeper

My work is inspired by chance and its relationship with order. Though I have a natural tendency towards working with obsessive processes, I am currently interested in challenging this by introducing elements which are beyond my control. By imposing methodical systems on the unpredictable, I question whether sense and meaning can be found in disorder.